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What software to use to edit videos : our best tips for you

Whether you’re an amateur filmmaker, a youtuber, a student in filmmaking, or simply an interested individual in movie-making, video editing is huge part of filmmaking.

What makes a movie or a documentary mesmerising and breathtaking ? it is the shots, the switching between one camera and another and that is only provided and made possible by video editing softwares.

What to look for in a video editing software

For the last few years, a high increase of this type of softwares has been noticed, not only that but features and options that were only once dedicated for professional filmmakers have become more and more accessible and affordable for film enthusiasts.

Now here are the criteria that a video editing program needs to fill in order to be the best for the job :

  • Motion tracking and multicam, this here allows you to switch points of view by changing between different cameras that shot the sames scene. This right here is a very important feature that is wIf you hy it is at the top.
  • A 4K support, which has become a pretty much a standard in such softwares, it has to be able to import and export HEVC content.
  • Video Editing, because it is after all called a video editing program, so if it can do the basic job it was meant to do then what can it do ? but what we are looking fo here is optimized editing such as options like filter, animated transitions … etc.
  • Color lookup tables or CLUTs, they are these sort of filters that give you videos a certain allure, a certain aura or even make a scene shot during the day look like it was shot at nightime.

Which software to use for editing your videos

If you are an amateur, not willing to spend too much money on a software destined for pros, well let us tell you that there are some very useful free programs for video editing on PC such as Windows’ 10 photo App, it allows you to add background music, 3D animations, etc. Marked and Movie Moments also guarantee the same services but using free softwares presents limitations either by giving free trial periods or having to pay for extra options.

but then if you are willing to pay here are some options for you and this following software is what we found to be best for you :

  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC Review, a software with powerful processing, clear platforme, many tools to helps you stay organized and the possibility of multi-cameras and angles.

Video editing for filmmaking is a thriving field with all these pixar and marvel movies, with special effects and action scenes so fast that they make your head spin, the appropriate software to use is of crucial importance.